Magician's Nephew



C.S. Lewis wrote all of the narnia books. He wrote them in the 1800's I think. He wrote all six books starting with "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." He wrote "The magician's Nephew" towards the end

The Chronicle's of Narnia Book series order

1.Magician's Nephew

2.The Lion,The Witch and, The Wardrobe

3.The Horse and his Boy 

4.Prince Caspian

5.The Voyage of Dawn Treader

6.The Silver Chair

7. Last Battle


The Other Order

1.The Lion,The Witch and,The Wardrobe

2.The Horse and his Boy

3.Prince Caspian

4.The Voyage of Dawn Treader

5.Silver Chair

6.The Last Battle

7.The Magician's Nephew


Polly- She is the first one to enter into another world. She is best friends with Digory.

Digory- Digory goes back and gets Polly. He arived and they couldn't remember much.

Jadis- She is an evil witch from Charn.

Uncle Andrew- He  gives the ring to polly and then Digory has to go get a ring and save polly.

The Problem in The Magician's Nephew is getting Jadis out of the real world and out of Narnia. All Digory and Polly want is to get away from Jadis.

They solve the problem getting Jadis out of Narnia by planting the apple from the tree. It will gaurd Narnia and keep evil away.


C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis' real name was Clive Stapes Lewis. He liked to be called Jack or Jackie.  He didn't really like school. His mother died because there was no right mecine to cure her.

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