Magician's Nephew


Click on one of the pictures and read the summary and the questions.And you have to answer them all.The questions is your key for a prize and you get interviewed by JTJ for a website. And write it on paper so you can give it to someone.Give it to Jdog#4 or J-Rod #17 or T-mart #16 in the morning.And the first 5 will be interviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A land wich Queen Jadis rules with evil. Digory and Polly jumped into a pool and landed in a world that was falling apart, Charn.

Wood between the Worlds

 The World Between the Worlds is the place Digory and Polly went to when Uncle Andrew brought them there with the Magical Rings. This strange world has little ponds or pools which if you have the magic ring you can jump in and you travel into another world.

White Witch's castle

The Witch's castle is where she sits in her throne, thinking of a way to destroy Aslan and ruling the Peaceful Narnia. In there is a chamber where she makes beast to stone in a room, and there's a freezing dungeon where prisoners stay in.

Aslan's How


Mr. Tumnus' House

Mr.Tumnus is a strange fellow with horse legs and feet and a upper body of a real man.

NWoF Guild